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Make sure to check out & support our local fashion superstars for their dedicated efforts towards presentation. Showing off beautiful designs & tempting selections, there's a reason why we have them featured in this section. Enjoy!  


House of Sherrida Boutique

Sherrida Burton is a smart, beautiful, talented, creative and hardworking lady, who has been dreaming about owning her own Boutique for a long time. It took her a while, but a dream delayed is not a dream denied, this lady is on fire. House Of Sherrida’s brand has evolved around gorgeous statement pieces inspired by iconic themes, sophistication, class and a sense of empowerment. Her goal is for women to feel sexy, powerful and exuberant, when wearing House Of Sherrida clothing. That is exactly why she created her brand; so that real women can own their femininity. If you’re looking for the perfect fit, then HOS is the place for you. Just click on her website.


Or take a virtual tour on her FB.

  • She will be having a monthly Sip And Shop at her beautiful Boutique.

  • Her motto is, customer satisfaction guaranteed.

  • House of Sherrida embraces great quality and unique styles.

  • This will give women an opportunity to discuss relevant issues affecting them in their day to day lives.

  • As well as finding ways to uplift and empower each other

She will be transitioning to Brick and Mortar in the near future, at 1303 SE 17th ST, SUITE 1303F, Ft Lauderdale 33316 (OPENING DATE PENDING) Ph. 754-2449775.

Fitting Room

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Merline “Mimi” Thermora Saint Juste humble beginnings began in Port Au Prince Haiti.

She left her beloved native land at the age of 15 years for the United States where she first moved to Boston, Massachusetts where she completed High School...


Now long after that, Merline moved to Florida to live with her mother where contemplated going into the medical field as it was her parent’s ultimate wish for her. 

However, as a young girl, Merline was known for being a fashionista. She was always playing dress-up and was known for her splendid outfits at her schools’ no uniform days also known as “La Journee De Couleur”. She would purchase countless fashion magazines, pay attention to people’s outfits studied pieces from New York’s Fashion Week and try to replicate pieces together in her own coordination and styles.

After much pondering and thinking Merline quickly realized that her heart and passion did not lie within the medical field and from there she decided to pursue her goals in the field of fashion and business. While in Florida, Merline enrolled in school with a major in Fashion Merchandising. Her academic career in Fashion Merchandizing stirred up a desire for her to birth her own fashion brand and online boutique called “Mimi’s BoutiQ”. Mimi’s Boutiq became a rapid success in Southern Miami. Merline’s well- acclaimed fashion show was first hosted in 2011and  has become an annual event not only in Miami but in New York City as well. Mimi’s BoutiQ annual fashion show has hosted up to 600 attendees and countless celebrities and musical artists from America and Haiti.In November of 2016, Mimi started her own blog focusing on fashion, business enterprise, motherhood, marriage and other inspirational topics.

For Merline’s skills sets expands beyond fashion entrepreneurship but aims to highlight women’s empowerment and strength for female entrepreneurs and professionals especially in the Haitian American community. In 2016, Merline and team hosted the first Mimi’s BoutiQ “For the Women by the Women Brunch” where well known professional and artists have been invited to speak on important topics relative to women such as finances, business innovativeness, and health topics such as cancer and more. The annual brunches are highly anticipated event that many women look forward to attend to benefit from the workshops and motivational lectures.

Merline has outgrown herself as a speaker for the past two years and hope to bring changes and awareness by sharing her knowledge and experiences. She is a blogger and blogs about mom life, Fashion and lifestyle 

She has also relaunch her online website (Shop Mimi’s BoutiQ) and turned it into a women’s plus size online shop. Her shop gives women the confidence to love their body and shop without the fear of not being able to find something to wear. 

Merline received several awards this year for her hard work in the community and one of them being YOPro 20 under 40. This awards is selected for young professionals under 40 doing great work in our community. She also had the opportunity to be part of the NAAHP, an annual conference for the Haitian Americans progressing and moving forward with Haiti and its development. She received an award for 100 Successful Women in Business by the Global Chamber of Commerce.

Merline Thermora is 21st century trailblazer in the growing fashion business community and relentlessly seeks to lift up and motivate other women in her community. She is the wife to her number one supporter Mr. Sadrac St. Juste, the mother of two toddler boys Giovani and Sedric and a woman of faith. With the support of her family, team and peers Merline seeks strength daily to expand her brand and to help others. She has a saying that she follows and shares often with those around her that says” in life there will be curves, there will be tears, people will give up on you but as long as you have God and you don’t give up on yourself, There’s nothing that you cannot do”. Merline Thermora Saint Juste is living testimony of this statement.


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I was born to Nigerian parents Mr. Kamal and Mrs. Abimbola Aromashodu. I was born in Tallahassee, Florida and I lived in the United States until I was age two. I lived in Nigeria for fifteen years and I came back to complete my college education at Florida Atlantic University with my Bachelor’s degree in Finance. While living in Nigeria, I was able to learn about my culture and speak my language Yoruba. Learning my culture has helped me tremendously in putting Chic In Prints together.

My mother was in the clothing industry and so was her mother so it is safe to say that it runs in the family. My father is very good at coordinating his looks so I can say that my style and swag come from my parents. After graduating from college, I was fortunate enough to work with my degree but something about the cooperate world wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to do something I loved, something I was passionate about and most importantly something that gave me fulfillment. In 2017, like midway into the year; I made a Facebook post telling my audience that I wanted to start a business and I wanted it to be something fun, not necessarily about the money but most importantly something that brought me joy. I targeted close friends and they had a laundry list of things that they saw me doing like event planning, cooking and so many others.

It was a fun read but I still was not satisfied. Then all of a sudden a light bulb came on…I said I would make children’s clothing using African fabric, I started drawing and putting things together, then I said I don’t really know a lot of children but I do know a lot of women…then I switched gears to women. Mind you, I had no idea of how I was going to start but I said I have a thousand dollars to spare; if I try and it doesn’t work at least I gave it a try. I made arrangements; called my family up in Nigeria and I told them what I was thinking. I conducted interviews with a lot of women asking them about how they felt about African prints, I did a market study before diving in and I was convinced that it was going to be a success.

My search began; I went on a quest in looking for a seamstress, I interviewed so many but one girl resonated with me. She was 21 and she was so passionate about her sewing. Her family was very poor and she wanted to make it out. I have to say this changed everything about my business. A new “PURPOSE” was born. It was not about me anymore it was about helping her reach her true potential. I trusted her with all my designs…I submitted everything to her…knowing that she had a machine that looked like a toy…I can never forget the color it was purple and pink. In my mind, I was like can she really make all these designs. I trusted the process and within three weeks, I received fifty-three amazing pieces. I received the items on the 24th of December, 2017 and we sold out by the 27th. I called her and I said we are onto something. We extended it to 100 pieces for my very first vending event called Afrifest shout out to my girl UruejomaWatkins for giving us a stepping stone. We have done countless events and workshops to grow and support the business.

What really inspired me about her story was that her parents and siblings all shared one room…in the night time they would go out and fend for food or work, while she stayed home and made all my designs. She was very determined and I have to tell you there has been a lot of changes…by 2018…she was able to own her shop and hired help.

We have since then grown and we hope to keep growing. We have been able to create jobs in Africa and in the United States. I am proud to say we have seven seamstresses that make our clothing now. Behind every piece you from us there is a story to tell. Here at Chic In Prints, we have the ladder approach which simply means that on your journey to growth and success up the ladder, do not forget to pull somebody up from the ground to the top. When I am long gone, I want to build a legacy that touches and helps people. I will leave behind a legacy and a generation of people who believe in helping each other and the richness will fill the earth.


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