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We're proud to be the first to bring you a premier collection of the best news outlets in the Caribbean and South Florida's local communities. To be your new favorite source of accurate and informative coverage, we're delivering news with a flavor. The most remarkable islands globally are known for their stunning beaches full of sandy shorelines, exotic tropical palms, and endless water activities. They also feature the unique Caribbean culture, people, and vibrant diversity. Although we emphasize music on our website, please don't mistake that for a limitation. We strive to become your first & most integral source for news from the Caribbean by finally unifying them in one easily accessible space. Please share your perspective of what's happening by posting it HERE with us. You can also UPgrade to our LimeLight Ad $pacing campaigns to get your local & neighboring communities as seen on the Newest & Trendiest place for everything Caribbean.

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Some 15 U.S. cities request Cuban healthcare collaboration...


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"Mi old, but mi nuh cold".DoN't underestimate the value of the elderly.

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"Cuentas claras conservan amistades".Clear accounts conserve friendships.

There is much to be said about the biggest Island in the Caribbean. Along with its passionate community built on family unity & hard work, they also boast vast stretches of breathtaking coastline. Their assertive nature becomes apparent from the day you meet them and they always liven up your day. Permeating the atmosphere of its colonial cities is world renown premium rum & tobacco that draws tourist internationally. And if you're a classic car enthusiast that enjoys savory cuisine made with love, you'll be pleased. with their cultural richness & all they offer.

"Sel pa vante tèt li di li sale".

Salt doesn’t boast that it is salted.

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And its infamous scuba diving paradise in The Blue Hole with Mayan Ruins..


Has predominantly reef coastline perfect for snorkeling & diving.  


Known for its flawless sandy shorelines & a must for beach enthusiast.


The English speaking South American Caribbean related newest oil rich Country.

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