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"You've discovered a a slice of paradise. I'm Sky, your guide here at R.R.Live."

The Caribbeans #1 representatives for the Reggae Community.  

Let me introduce you to the first ever social sharing space made to bring the spotlight to you & your brand/business. 

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Presenting the All New "LimeLight" Challenge

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We hope your visit is so enjoyable, you join our community & tell all your loved ones that R.R.Live is the best source for everything Caribbean.



Welcome to the LimeLight

This is the place where anybody can be a somebody if everybody agrees to embody their unique expressions. From Premium Showcases to Honorable mentions, let it be known that Reggae Runnins is Live & purposeful. Our group has designed a one of a kind network for getting everyone placed on a web space made like a high-end lounge. Our LimeLight advertisement displays the best of our users while also implementing a lively plan towards elevating your overall output & long term results. Not taking anything away from other social avenues, but ours enables you with every tool necessary for making a successful online business out of all that hard work invested in your content creation. Think of the countless hours spent in front of the mirror getting ready to take numerous shots aiming to capture that perfect angle. Not to mention the endless hassle of monitoring your audience & attempting to convert them to loyal followers. Then no matter what you do, there's no way of universally satisfying them. Let us reveal our ground breaking solution for your need for monetization & scaling. 

The following is a quick but effective evaluation of the case & evidence presented:

The Case

Opening Statement, Lasting Impression.

Let us begin by expressing our perspective so you get a better perspective on why you should continue reading & join us. If you've been researching how to make online business work successfully for your company, or maybe want to brand yourself, then it's your lucky day.

We offer quality online solutions w/R.O.I as our M.O.

Intent on forging strong bonds, we offer joint ventures w/amazing monetary incentives as motivation.

Some Common But False Assumptions.

However, achieving financial freedom is hard work that takes full commitment & no slacking. Remember what is said:

"The early bird DOES get the worm."


Battle tested & ready for use is the weapon of knowing truth. With it, you can develop necessary skills in preparation for the stream of income. Statistically proven, those that haven't had wealth before often mishandle their assets & do not know how to appropriately allocate their investments to make them flourish.

More Than Just Pieces of the Truth.

Having references to general information does not qualify one as an expert. Experience determines one's level of ability while perseverance decides whether aptitude is enough to triumph. 

Putting together or solving puzzles both demand a high performance mindset with many shifting variables; so, pre-determining your game plan is just as vital as executing it accordingly.


That's the foundation we establish & will uphold for our users.

Your Honor, We Now Present The Evidence

Humble Case of Defense

What we'd like to share is the substantiality of doing something different for a change. We are here today to decide whether an online business with all the internet marketing challenges is for you. If you've dabbled with, are actively involved, or just started your entrepreneurship, this will be music to your ears. Not only do we specialize in everything Reggae, we also include its culture, people, taste, & especially sound. Bringing you the hottest Reggae content online is just the beginning of what Reggae Runnins Live has to offer. Our partners at effe Miami are a small but extraordinary group of professionals with skills ranging from Adobe expertise to e-commerce installation & management. Don't lose sleep over the success of your business.

We Will.

Our Social Sharing Network is Real.

Join The Movement

Spotlighting Clear Evidence

According to trusted statista.com,

"With growing smartphone penetration as well as ever-improving mobile connection speed and device processing power, consumer screen time is drastically shifting towards mobile devices. Mobile advertising has long become attractive for business customers, and competition and willingness to pay for exposure are increasing. In the meantime, Banner advertising on desktop devices is quickly losing its relevance. Furthermore, persistent trends, like programmatic and native advertising, will lead to even more precise user targeting, making ads more personalized and less intrusive. As a result, ads get more attractive, simultaneously fighting ad blockers that are used by a growing number of users."

That's quite the analysis.

So ad banners are fading fast, hmm.

Need More Information

The Closing Argument

With all this information provided, we hope you can appreciate our clarity. We aren't just highlighting that people are spending more time on their mobile devices, we're also saying that data shows a significant decrease in advertisement CTR. According to this very informative article on smallbizgenius.net, "When it comes to pay-per-click investment on internet ads, businesses usually make double what they spend on Google ads. If your company’s return is significantly lower than this, maybe it’s time to make some tweaks. The average click-through rate on paid search ads using AdWords is about 2%."

That's 98% off the mark.


Simply put, you acquire our services, we fulfill them to your success. Advertisement banners are withering while LimeLight is only beginning.


Enter the Clubhouse

The Verdict

Ads need to evolve into something more attractive to the consumer, engaging in its appropriate niche with seamless interactions.

Our Solution

On our site, you'll experience why banner ads are old; in contrast, our advertisement is seamlessly integrated into the website. Using the latest research & software, we offer a place for anyone to get noticed at a fair price. Whether you're an average Joe or a social influencer, we offer a totally new design that raises your company/brand awareness out there. Take the LimeLight challenge to see if you have what it takes to be embraced & requested by the liveliest people on earth. And yes, we're talking about out the majestic Caribbean Reggae Community that is full of positive vibes & beauty.

Get Me Started

But who's this for you ask?

    Everyday Neighbors That Deserve Noticing Too

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    For those in Pursuit of Achieving Greatness

    Already own the title of Boss Man/Lady? Much Respect. However, we know that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement. Let's work together to grow even more.


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