Some of the most comforting words in the universe are ‘me too.’ That moment when you find out that your struggle is also someone else’s struggle, that you’re not alone, and that others have been down the same road. – Unknown

1 in 5 Americans suffers from a mental illness (NIMH).Anxiety disorders are the highest reported mental health issue in the US with 42.5 million Americans claiming to suffer from this illness. (Mental Health America).Mental illnesses start showing symptoms by age 14 (National Alliance on Mental Illness),About 1 in 4 American adults suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year, and one in 10 will suffer from a depressive illness, such as major depression or bipolar disorder (Johns Hopkins).Mental health crises account for 60 million visits to primary care and 6 million ER visits annually. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention),41 percent of Americans dealt with an untreated mental illness. (Mental Health First Aid).10.7% of the world suffers from some form of mental illness. (Our World in Data).40 million Americans suffer from anxiety (Anxiety and Depression Association of America).


In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, our featured woman of the month is Shari N. Warner, JD, LMFT, a Florida licensed attorney, marriage and family therapist, public speaker and the proud owner/operator of Serendepity Counseling and Consulting, LLC, (A private mental health practice in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) that focuses on the mental, emotional and behavioral health of women.

After being in private practice for several years, Shari came to realize that there are far too many women who are in desperate need of mental health assistance, but who have been unable to receive the help they need either because they cannot afford therapy or do not have insurance. Which gave birth to the Serendipity Women’s Mental Wellness Foundation, Inc; a separate entity from her practice, it’s a non-profit organization providing mental health therapy services for adult women with no insurance and who could not otherwise afford the help they want or need.

Shari believes in helping all women heal, she furthermore believes that “Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking ever will.” With roughly 46% of women being the head of household, women are essentially the root that holds our family trees together, therefore, Shari is determined that the ones that cannot afford to get help, help is afforded to them. Mental Health is not an individual problem, ultimately, it has propound impact on society on a whole. With this knowledge, her passion, her foresight and years of experience under her belt, she wants to change the perception by broadening the conversation about mental health and lending a helping hand. Her vision is to create a community of women who are better able to manage their mental, emotional and behavioral well-being.

Her along with her board members, Steven Warner, Janet Young, Jacqueline Torlage, and David Cannady, Esq are asking for your support; They’re enlisting the help of the community in order to make a positive change in the lives of so many women that are suffering in silence; our mother, our sister, our daughters that have nowhere to turn to get the help they so desperately need. (For more information on the board members, please visit the website, the link is listed below.) In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, our have been turned upside down. The unexpected lost of family, economic stress, social isolation and having to adjust and re-adjust our lives to accommodate the changes, has left most of us running on empty, trying to find ways to cope; imagine how much more difficult it must be for the people who were already having difficulties coping. According to a new report by The Well Being Trust released last month found that 75,000 additional people could die from what they call “deaths of despair,” (which includes suicide and substance use) because of Covid-19. Considering those facts, it’s more important now more than ever that we stand with Shari and her team in their efforts to make a difference.
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