Sheryl-Ann Marshall – July 2021

Aye, everyone…
It has been a rainy week and when I do not see sunshine it puts a serious damper on my demeanor if you know what I mean.  Pun intended.   (haha)
Also, I am trying to lose some pandemic weight (6 and a half pounds, don’t laugh) and that has me wanting to bite everyone that is trying to tell me anything that is not making sense in my world.
That being said…please allow me to take this time to describe and explain to you some of the foods that I am craving and missing just because I know I cannot eat them right now.  
Following, is the list of some of the scrumptiousness (of course from my homeland, Trinidad and Tobago)
Doubles – This is a common street food that is usually devoured during breakfast but most times we eat it after a night of drinking and we need something to help us sober up.  It is made with two baras and filled with chick peas that is curried and sometimes we add various chutneys for even more flavour.
Roti – Dhalpuri – This derives from India and is similar to a flatbread or a tortilla but light and fluffy.  This particular roti is filled with ground peas.
Roti – Buss Up Shut – Paratha – This has this name because of its texture and appearance.  It resembles a t-shirt that is burst, torn, ripped up.
Roti – Dosti – This type of roti is even thinner and lighter than the dhalpuri and paratha.  Dosti is the Hindi word for friendship which represents this roti perfectly because it’s a two-in-one.  The dough is a combination of two rotis that are rolled out and roasted together as one.  
My mouth is watering and I am not done.  
There is a lot more that I will continue with into my next month’s blog but let me leave you with some of the slang words that associate with our Trini culture so that when you hear it you will know what they mean…
A A or Eh Eh! – This is a term we use when we want to exclaim.  We use it when we are surprised or if we did not expect something. In other words – Excuse me!
Ah want to hail out – Let me give a shoutout (to someone).
Ay or Aye – Hey, Hello, You.
Bara or Barra – A deep fried saffron-coloured bread that we use for doubles.
Blasted – Used to emphasise other words, mostly when agitated.  
Anyway, let me go before I get more blasted “hangry” thinking about all the food I cannot eat until I am able to fit back into these jeans I have sitting down there and doing nothing but watching me in my face.  (Haha)  
Take good care, everybody…and Ciao for now! 
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