Shak’s Hope Foundation

[July 2021]

Written By: Sharon Corinthian
I want to take the opportunity to highlight Mrs. Andrea “Fandangles” Hall-Brown and the Shak’s Hope Foundation.This remarkable lady is a force to be reckoned with; she’s a loving wife and devoted mother, an entrepreneur, a community activist, and a voice for the voiceless. She’s known for Fandangles Clothing, Andy’s Fun Punch, and Shak’s Hope Foundation. 
Her creativity and her big heart have been the sustaining force behind her. Her journey has taken her from mom to mentor. Her story is one of tragedy turned triumph that will lend us not only strength and courage but also a bit of hope.
Andrea learned at a young age that having and using her gift of compassion would be a staple in her life. As a young adult, she had the responsibility of caring for her ailing mother, which taught that this journey called life can be filled with many ups and downs, but the key to survival is trusting God, believing in yourself, never giving up and remembering the old adage, that what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. After losing her mother, Andrea pulled herself together, picked up the pieces and forged on with her life. She had her own dreams and aspirations, but she would later find out that life had other plans for her. 
Andrea always had her own unique sense of style; working in the travel industry and traveling to the Caribbean gave her the opportunity to purchase and collect unique clothing items. Loved and admire by her peers for her fashion sense, she was encouraged to turn it into a business, so accidentally on purpose she decided to turn her passion into profit and Fandangles Clothing was born. This a prefect example of your gift making room for you. Fandangles Clothing offers the buyer unique pieces not readily found in department stores, these one of a kind pieces are hand selected by Andrea herself. She sells her pieces by holding monthly sip and shop get togethers, it’s an intimate setting where women come together interact, exchange fashion ideas, while enjoying some hors d’oeuvre, good music, as well as sample Andrea’s Mother’s Rum Punch recipe, affectionately called Andy’s Fun Punch. It’s a fun way to have a girls night out!
Not only will you find something unique for your closet, but you can also pick up a bottle of Andrea’s Fun Punch which is also available for purchase. Proceed from her sales are use to fund the Shak’s Hope Foundation. For more information, please call 954.228.0625.I’d also like to take the time to shine the spotlight on Andrea and the great work that she’s doing with the Shak’s Hope Foundation. 
On August 3rd 2016, tragedy struck once again when Andrea lost her first born thirty years old Shakira Martin to complications from Sickle Cell Anemia. (Sickle cells that block blood flow to organs deprive the affected organs of blood and oxygen. In sickle cell anemia, blood is also chronically low in oxygen. This lack of oxygen-rich blood can damage nerves and organs, including your kidneys, liver and spleen, and can be fatal.) With both her parents having the trait, Shakira was born with the disease, but she didn’t let it stop her from living her best life, she never complained or felt sorry for herself, she lived every day as if it was her last. She lived on purpose!
In 2010 she entered and won the Miss Jamaica Universe Pageant where she use the platform to highlight and bring awareness to Sickle Cell Anemia. Prior to her death, in January of 2016 Shakira created and registered The Shak’s Hope Foundation; she was intentional in regards to how she wanted things done, so she gave her mom specific instructions pertaining to the operation of the foundation. In the years following, Andrea continues the mission that her daughter started by using her compassion and wherewithal to not only bring awareness, but to also help the less fortunate not only her in South Florida, but also in Jamaica. Turning her grieving into healing and allowing her daughter’s legacy to live on.
The foundation was designed not only to spread awareness, but Shakira wanted it to be about the feel good, she believe that the small things are a big deal to someone who lives in pain constantly with an invisible illness. Shak’s Hope supports warriors living with Sickle Cell. They also encourage young people to know their Sickle Cell status, before starting a relationship. They have annual Domino tournaments, Christmas parties visiting local hospitals, giving out toys and care bags. 
In March of 2020 they hosted their first brunch and it was a huge success. They were able to purchase an infrared vein finder for the Sickle Cell unit in Jamaica. They also host an annual Easter treat in Jamaica, in two locations; it’s a day of fun where they ship containers of donations, toys, toiletries and supplies for the Sickle Cell Unit at the UWI Jamaica. It’s their way of giving back and making a difference.
If you’d like to join them by making a donation to the foundation, please call 954.228.0625. Another way you can contribute is when shopping on Amazon, please log into Smile Amazon @
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